Career Academy


Freshmen Orientation will be held in April for those that were accepted and enrolling (Class of 2021). Questions pertaining to the placement test, summer courses, calendar, etc. will be addressed at the orientation. A letter will be mailed directly from the school to the class of 2021. Contact the school directly for questions or concerns.

Orientation Dates (6:30 PM)
AAHS: 4/27
BTHS: 4/26
CHS: 4/19
HTHS: 4/27
MAST: 4/20

Upperclass (10th Grade) application Here
Due date: May 1, 2017
See below "Tenth Grade Classes" for upperclass policy

Brochure on Procedures HERE

For admission into the Academy of Allied Health and Science (AAHS), Biotechnology High School (BTHS), Communications High School (CHS), and High Technology High School (HTHS) eighth grade students must be Full-Time resident's of Monmouth County at the time of the Application Deadline. *Marine Academy of Science and Technology (MAST) accepts applications from out of county, except residents of Ocean County. Ocean County Vocational Technical School offers MATES.
  • 8th grade student, accompanied by a parent/guardian, must attend an information session (Oct./Nov.). You may attend as many information sessions as you like to help you decide which school is right for you. You must attend the information session for the school you apply to and be present for the entire information session. 
  • Submitting an application: You will receive a registration code and information on how to access the online application at the information session you attend. 
  • Students will be required to take an Admissions Exam
When you successfully submit your online application you will receive a Comfirmation Page and Application Checklist that you will need to PRINT and provide to a school official (Counselor/Principal). If you do not receive a confirmation, the application checklist, or are still able to access the application, it was not submitted. It is the applicants responsibility to ensure successful submission of their application and late applications will not be accepted. Monmouth County Vocational School District must receive the required application checklist and transcript or the student may be ineligible. ​​

Disclaimer: Please note that the Monmouth County Vocational School District does not endorse, nor has an affiliation with any company/organization soliciting students to take a review class and practice test in order to prepare them for the MCVSD Career Academy Admission Test. 

Full Time Secondary Programs Acceptance of Pupils
Marine Academy of Science & Technology
High Technology High School
Monmouth County Academy of Allied Health & Science
Communications High School of Monmouth County
Monmouth County Biotechnology High School
1.         Ninth Grade Class
a.         Application process:
(1)       Applications will be considered for only one school.
(2)       Applications will be received after September 1 of the applicants' eighth grade year.
(3)       Applications must be complete and supporting materials must be included.
Supporting materials:
(a)        Grade transcript;
(b)       Signed application by eighth grade school official; and
(c)        Documentation of interest in program provided in the Specialized School.
(4)       Applicant and parent(s) or legal guardian(s) must have attended an Information Session for school of application.
(5)       Applications must be received in the district central office prior to the application deadline as established annually by the office of the Superintendent. Applicants must be full-time residents of Monmouth County prior to the application deadline.  Monmouth County residents attending school outside of the County must have verification of Monmouth County residency from the out-of-county school.
b.         Acceptance Criteria
(1)       Applicants will be ranked according to the following scoring:
Criteria                                    Maximum Rating
           7th Grade (Final Grade)                    15
            8th Grade (1st Quarter)            15
District Admission Exam
            Math                                         35
            Writing/Language Arts              35
Total Possible                                     100
Minimum Score for Admission             75

(2)       The ratings will be determined as follows:
Number Grade          Letter Grade                  Rating
99-98                           A+                               15
97-94                           A                                 14
93-92                           A-                                13
91-90                           B+                               12
89-86                           B                                  11
85-84                           B-                                 10
83-82                           C+                                 9
81-78                           C                                   8
77-76                           C-                                  7
75-74                           D+                                 6
73-72                           D                                   5
71-70                           D-                                  4
District Admission Exam:  A District Admission Exam will be administered each year.  The exam will consist of mathematics concepts and writing/language arts skills.  Each part will be scored on a scale of 1-35.
c.         Pupil Acceptance
(1)       If space does not permit acceptance of all qualified applicants, selection will be made with the following considerations:
(a)        The highest scoring qualified applicant from each district pool will be offered admission.  Qualified applicants are those who meet the minimum standards as outlined in 1b(1) of this policy.  District pool is the resident public school (excluding regional high school districts) that an applicant resides in at the time of application.
(b)       In an effort to achieve gender and ethnic balance, additional admission offers may be made to qualified applicants.
(2)       Applications from outside of Monmouth County will only be considered for The Marine Academy of Science and Technology as follows:
(a)        Applicants from Ocean County are ineligible.
(b)       Five spaces may be awarded to out-of-county residents.
(c)        Acceptance will be based on established acceptance criteria (1 b).
(d)       All applicants will be reviewed in a single pool of "out-of-county” applicants.
The Monmouth County Vocational School District does not discriminate on the basis of race, creed, color, national origin, ancestry, age, marital status, affectional or sexual orientation, gender, religion, disability, or socioeconomic status.
2.         Tenth Grade Classes
a.         Application process:
(1)       Student must be a resident of Monmouth County at the time of the application process.
(2)       Applications must be complete with all supporting materials by May 1 for the following school year. Application available after March 1.
Supporting materials:
(a)        Grade transcript through the third marking period of ninth grade
(b)       Standardized test scores
(c)        Documentation of interest in program provided in the specialized school (essay)
(3)       Student must have successfully completed one year of a foreign language offered at the school they are applying.
(4)       Student will be required to take a mathematics exam at the math level they are currently enrolled in and a language arts exam.
(5)       Accepted student may be required to do summer course work or supplemental assignments. (related to the theme)
b.         Student Acceptance
(1)       A limited number of pupils will be considered for acceptance into tenth grade levels based upon individual applications and availability of space.
(2)       The highest scoring qualified applicant(s) will be offered admission as a transfer pupil if space is available based on grades and exam.
(3)       All appropriate applicants will be considered regardless of resident district.

The Monmouth County Vocational School District does not discriminate on the basis of race, creed, color, national origin, ancestry, age, marital status, affectional or sexual orientation, gender, religion, disability, or socioeconomic status.
3.         Non-Accepted Applicants:  All applications of pupils not accepted will be kept on file through September of the school year for which they apply.  If openings occur, they will be reviewed for possible acceptance.

For more information contact 732-431-7942 ext. 6291